Q: Who can play?
A: Children aged 6 -14. Must be 6 years of age prior to February 1st, 2016 to participate. GYBL will focus on the child(ren)'s contribution, despite their skill or ability level, to introduce our youth to basketball while teaching Integrity, Discipline, Character, and Leadership in a non-competitive environment.

Q: When will GYBL play?
A: Nine (9) Sundays, starting in Mid January and finishing in late March. One (1) skills assessment session to asses players and allocate them to teams followed by one (1) practice session and then eight (8) game days during 09:00–13:00 period. Exact game schedules will be posted on the website's "Teams & Schedules" page.

Q: Where will GYBL play?
A: AISG - American School Of Guangzhou's Science Park Campus indoor basketball courts. Absolutely everyone present - parents, fans, players, coaches, referees must adhere to AISG's Rules/Guidelines. In between games, your child will either have time off to rest/play/watch other games with family/friends in the spectator seating areas or participate in training sessions with their team and coach. When your child is not scheduled to be with his/her coach, please ensure that he/she is either in the appropriate spectator seating areas.

Q: Are GYBL Organizers and/or Coaches paid?
A: No, GYBL Organizers or Coaches do not get paid for their services since GYBL is a non-profit organization. Please be aware that it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to put together and run a program of this size. The entire program runs with volunteer help and, we would like all participants and their parents to take the time to show appreciation for the coaches, without which the Guangzhou Youth Basketball League would not be possible. The organizers, coaches are an example of people who are willing to give something back to the community and its children.

Q: What Team will be my child on?
A: Teams will be put together based primarily on age with an equal mixture of different genders, sizes and skill levels as far as is possible. In order to effectively setup well rounded and balanced teams allowing all players a chance to get enough play time on a balanced and fair playing field, it may be possible that some of the less-or-not experienced younger players within an age division might be transferred to the top of the next, younger age division. Beyond this, we do ensure that volunteer coaches are in the same team as their kids, unless explicitly requested not to. However, we are unable to manage requests for children to play together on the same team with their friends, as this simply creates too much complexity in the effort to create rosters with appropriate competitive balance. The coach of your team will contact you. Teams, team name & coach will be posted on the website's "Teams & Schedules" page.

Q: What will may child's uniform consist of?
A: GYBL will provide 1 uniform kit consisting of shirt and shorts. GYBL will not provide shoes, socks or other accessories. All players MUST wear NON-MARKING basketball shoes or they will required to leave the courts. Players/parents will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining uniforms. Parent's should consider writing their child(ren)'s name on the inside of his/her uniform for easy identification.

Q: Where can I purchase non-marking basketball shoes & other accessories?
A: These can be purchased at many Sports Shops all over Guangzhou.
Adidas Store: #332, Beijing Road, Guangzhou

Reebok Store: #81 Xihu Road, Guangzhou

Nike Store: Dong Chuan Sports City; No.93, Dongchuan Lu, Yuexiu District

Decathlon Store: Huangcun Dadao and Huanchang Lu, TianHe

Q: Do we need to bring our own drinks? What about food and drinks for other family members?
A: Players, parents & spectators must provide their own beverages & snacks or purchase them through AISG F&B services. Absolutely everyone present - parents, fans, players, coaches, referees must adhere to AISG's Rules/Guidelines and help maintain the cleanliness of the facilities.

Q: Are there other international youth sports leagues in Guangzhou?
A: Yes there are. For more information on these, go to GZSoccer.